AdIQuity Plus

AdIQuity’s Ad Mediation Platform

-   Optimize your inventory across different ad sources and get fill rates >95%, without the hassle of technically integrating with various ad partners

-   Integrate and manage your direct ad network partners

-  Benefit from AdIQuity’s multiple ad partners

-  Create and manage ads from your direct sales team

Advantages of AdIQuity Plus

Ad Network

Mobile RTB Exchange

- Continue your existing business relationships with ad networks
- Easily onboard direct ad network accounts and use mediation
- Choose between manual or automatic network optimization

Full Functionality
Ad Server

Mobile RTB Exchange

- Ability to upload your own campaigns
- Multiple targeting options along with setting the price and budget
- Our optimization ensures that the best performing ad is served

Management of Premium
and Remnant Inventory

Mobile RTB Exchange

- Ability to compare and differentiate your inventory
- Serve premium campaigns to premium inventory
- Supervise your remnant inventory for high fill rates


Mobile RTB Exchange

- Comprehensive reports for ad network comparison
- Carrier, handset and geo-wise reporting
- Multiple date range options supported