Instant monetization of your apps using Ads ‘N’velope

AdIQuity’s automated ad-integration technique

-   Get the best yield for your inventory by providing user-engaging ad slots to your Android apps

-   Simple and instant integration without any coding

-   Maximize eCPM by serving Interstitial, Rich Media and Video Ads on App Launch and Exit

Adiquity adsnvelope

Ads ‘N’velope is now Google Analytics integrated

-   In addition to the super features of Ads ‘N’velope, you can now track your app activity through Google Analytics

-   Measure acquisition, engagement and user outcomes, and get app marketplace stats with Google Analytics integration

How it works?

Ads ‘N’velope empowers your app with ad integration effortlessly.


Launch and Exit Ad Slots

Offers full screen ad slots

Direct App Integration

One-step integration with your app without any source code modification

Multiple Ad Formats

Supports Interstitial, Rich Media and Video ad formats

Playstore Uploadable

Google Play Store compliant

Envelope Multiple Apps

Save efforts by enveloping one or multiple apps together

Configurable Options

Optional Launch or Exit ads

Ad Formats

Ads ‘N’velope supports Interstitial, Rich Media and Video Ads.
adiquity  rich media ads

Rich Media Ads

adiquity  Video ads

Video Ads

adiquity Interstitial ads

Interstitial Ads