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Integration Options

AdIQuity offers the best-in-class ad integration options for mobile app developers across platforms.

Enjoy easy integration and higher revenue using:

-   Ads 'N'velope

-   Cross-platform SDKs

-   Cross-platform APIs

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Ads ‘N’velope

Instant solution to monetize your Android apps

-   Best yield for inventory and maximum eCPM for app developers

-   No coding required

-   Supports interstitial, rich media and video ads on app launch and exit

Adiquity adsnvelope

adiquity  API


Easy integration with AdIQuity's cross-platform APIs in no time

-   Quick integration using API

-   Single API integration for multiple mobile apps

-   Thousands of app developers using API globally

Supported Platforms:

AdIQuity AdMob Mediation Adapter

This component is a library that can be used to get ad from AdIQuity Ads Platform using Google AdMob Mediation.

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