Mobile deep linking is equivalent to specific URLs on the internet for the mobile apps via URIs (uniform resource identifiers). Just imagine directly opening friends’ profile page on your Android app for FB or opening a product page on Amazon app. As most of our important online activities are getting appified the proliferation of mobile deep linking is quite natural.


Deep Link


For mobile marketers, it offers a lot of opportunities by the way of ability to directly reach the relevant app on your mobile to promote their subject. Of course some part of the monetary benefits boomerang to the app developers as well!

Example URIs (Mobile Deep Links) for some of the top apps looks like: eBay://launch?itm & twitter://

There are currently some complexities involved for the implementation of mobile deep links. However, there is a mobile industry body standardizing its use across mobile operating systems like Android and iOS; it’s called

Not convinced? Okay, take look at these real compelling use cases:

Gaming App Promotions

You are promoting the sustenance of your game and a good strategy could be to promote the mobile deep link in social media which redirects to the next game level in the app. This will ensure that user remain engaged with your game.

E-commerce Promotions

As an e-commerce entrepreneur it’s important to drive your potential customers directly to the brink of buying from your mobile shopping app and this could be done using retargeting and then providing mobile deep links in your display ads that directly open the product features page from the app.

Utility apps

Suppose you have a currency conversion app that your are promoting, you can embed the mobile deep link to any currency figures on the business websites, clicking on which directly opens up the currency arbitration on the app.

Some of the existing standards and tools that could be used by interested developers are:





  • URX

App developers can use these tools for faster user acquisition and their audience engagement.


If you are interested in monetizing your app to its full potential, connect with Adiquity.  Click here to get started. Send us an email at with the subject “Looking for app monetization”. We will get back to you at the earliest possible.

Advertisements – like them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Be it your Newspaper in the morning, Billboards while commuting, TV or Radio; the advertisements have been a part of our lives for long. In the early 90s internet (desktop) ads took place, which added the much needed element of interactivity to the ads.

As the mobile phones accessing internet proliferated, online ads came along. In this article, I want to share the benefits of mobile advertisement to the advertisers and content publishers, and how they can make the most out of it.


Advertisers: Advertisers are able to clearly see their ROI from spending on Mobile Ads as they can now target and re-target their messaging to more exact set of audience at more accurately defined locations. While ad effectiveness measurement have been a great puzzle with traditional modes, mobile ad tech companies offer a wealth of data that the brand managers can use to drive much higher engagement with their audiences the world over.

The clear edge that Mobile offers over any other advertising mode is its up, close & personal relation with the users. While the users can easily ignore an arbitrary ad on TV, when the contextual ad is served on their most personal mobile screens, they have a greater likeliness of engaging with it. Additionally, with the ever innovative ad formats

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like audio, video and push notification ads, the user engagement is further increased.

The key to make your mobile ads more effective is to be more creative with your ad formats and having different versions of your messaging suited to different audience segments. Advertisers can do this by working with their mobile ad campaign manager to serve different versions, ad formats and creatives for the same messaging, and choose to run their ad on the most relevant publisher inventory. Advertisers can access ad campaign analytics (available from your mobile advertising company or third party) tools to gauge the effectiveness of their ads and tweak their mobile ad campaigns to the optimal audience engagement rates.

Content Publishers: Mobile as a medium has almost created a new bunch of content publishers. A college going student makes a mobile app, gets great downloads and becomes an overnight star!! At its very core, it’s the creative people who originate a great content and want to popularize and monetize it in that order. Today apps have become the preferred way to consume content of all types; I prefer to call it Appification. It (Appification) is the easiest way to reach millions of users worldwide, and mobile advertising fuels your monetizing aspirations.

Having great app content is just a basic eligibility to succeed; the content publisher has to be clear about promoting their app in the right channels like blogs, app discovery platforms and app marketplaces. Additionally, they can run cost per install campaigns with mobile ad networks and instantly reach millions of users. Once the publisher gets a decent number of downloads, monetization strategy needs to be in place to make the most out of it. A good (and safe) app monetization strategy is to ensure ads are as relevant to your content type as possible and not over intrusive that it repels the user. Publishers can ensure appropriate frequency of ads on their content and constantly monitor user feedbacks/ downloads / active users to keep their monetization in sync with good user experience.

What it means for the consumers?
Finally you can expect ads that actually help you find something you might be interested in more quickly, in a much better and entertaining way. Consumers will get to choose the kind of ads they want to engage with in the most non-intrusive way. So the good news is that consumer remains the king!!

Bird Dash is a new fun app from our new publisher Themebowlapps. This game is quite addictive with decent graphics and simple theme. The user needs to skillfully tap the screen so that the Bird crosses various stages without hitting any obstacles.

Bird dash

There have been quite a few apps with similar concept but the final execution by this developer is simply flawless. This game eases up the users with its accurate game physics, low RAM & CPU usage and less battery consumption.

Additionally, the colors combination used by the game artist is vibrant and eye pleasing. We found this app very entertaining, addictive and challenging at the same time. So what are you waiting for..? Get this app here and start tapping!!


mobileEmpirical evidence suggests that a normal person forgets more than 80% of his last normal day!! Developers at Dexetra made a big deal of it, created an Android app that actually builds an archive of your daily activity on your device and based on the cues your usage pattern evince, this app also suggests what to do. Binil, one of the founders of Dexetra elaborates, “Friday has an artificial intelligence engine that is able to suggest things to do that you may tend to forget”.

If downloads at Google Playstore could be a measure of popularity, Friday app with over 500k downloads is surely getting there. Popularity of such innovative apps are a good indicator of mobile app users’ fast growing trust on technology to solve their daily problems.

You too can download Friday app and connect it with your Facebook, Google , Twitter accounts and experience the magic unfold with your phone suggesting you surprising things! Do share your Friday app experience with us.

We at AdIQuity stand committed to promoting innovative apps through our platform, so if you know of a similar/innovative app, do write to me about it at: and we will be happy to check it out.


Author is a Mobile Apps Monetization Evangelist with AdIQuity, Stay tuned to our blog for more insights, tips and info on everything dealing with mobile apps monetization.

mobile_adSo your much awaited app is live and attracting great downloads. Good news! But wait a minute! Are you making money in the same ratio? Of Course you wanted to run ads, and make money, but feared that user experience is taking a plunge?

Well, worry no more, AdIQuity has recently launched our Ads ‘N’velope ‘exit ads’ which enables you to get the best of both worlds – intact user experience & optimal earnings (eCPMs).

Exit-only version of our Ads ‘N’velope SDK is the result of our research on user experience patterns for various types of apps and how different types of ads affect it. We’ve found that exit ads are least intrusive for most of the users.

For the uninitiated, exit ads are the full screen ads which appear when user exits the app. This ad loads instantly and the user can either click on the ad to engage with it further or tap on the X icon (or home soft key) to come back to the home screen.

The best part is that the app developers get to make maximum earnings on exit ads since these are non-intrusive full screen ads, and the user engagement with such ads are higher compared to the plain vanila banner ads.

Does this sounds good? For app developers eCPM has always been a concern. Being an app developer you must be thinking, “so what eCPM can I expect?” Well, while with our Exit Ads your eCPM would definitely be much higher, the actual earnings would be variable and subject to the factors such as click through rates, campaign attributes etc.

AdIQuity is innovating to empower you, and ensure that you monetize your apps optimally. So what are your waiting for? Rush now to

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‘N’velope your apps with our exit ads SDK and get the best of both worlds, great user experience plus great earnings.

- Sanjay Mohan

Author is a Monetization Evangelist with AdIQuity. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights, tips and info on everything dealing with mobile apps monetization.


Having a mobile website is critical in today’s business environment. More and more users are researching, downloading, browsing and shopping via mobile phones, instead of their Laptop(s) or PC(s). Now this indicates that businesses are focusing on the Mobile sites to drive their revenue. A latest research shows that about 90-95% of all mobile users have their mobile within reach 24/7, which gives a great opportunity for business through mobile.

If you’re looking to develop an efficacious mobile site, you must ensure that your mobile site should be functionally optimized for different devices. The other objectives of your mobile site should be to make it highly responsive, and highly user engaging while still having maximum functionality. Your site should follow a simple design highlighting important information along with a free-flowing navigation.

Some of the important objectives to keep in mind while designing a mobile site:

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You may have to derive the reason for your users visit and the type of content expected on your site from your business objectives.


The rest follow…


Ø Defining Users for your Mobile site: Identifying and listing the type of audience you would wish to have on your site (Country, Gender, and other Demographic data)
Ø Content vs. Aesthetics of your mobile site: Emphasizing on content rather than rich graphics on your site.
Ø Ease of Navigation and pivoting your mobile site
Ø Maintaining the Clarity and Focus of your site
Ø Retaining User(s): Creating content on your site, which makes the users come back to your site

Understanding the mindset of the users have become a key factor in designing mobile site.

Some of the important Tips for designing a Mobile site:

1. Simple Design: Single / Double columns sites are the most preferred design when it comes to mobile sites. This also gives an ease of Navigation to other pages. Majority of popular sites these days follow single column.

2. Navigation: Horizontal navigation makes it more user friendly over vertical. This will also help you in creating more space for your content. And if your revenue stream is through advertisements, this will help you in creating more ad spaces.

3. Organizing your content: Stacking your content in a manner, which will make a user navigate with the least number of steps.

4. Mouse Clicks to Finger Tap: Desktop computers allow users to easily handle designs where precise clicking is required, but since mobile devices involve finger and thumb tapping, users need larger buttons which are less exact.

5. Visual Indicators: Using visual indicators enhance the user experience. For any finger tap, there should be a change in appearance or an indication of an action.

6. Mobile Site optimized for all devices: When you design a mobile site, make sure that your site has the same user experience, and compatible with all major Smartphones.

7. Keeping the contents crisp: Users always look for content first, so make sure that you deliver right and strong message to users. Always think from the perspective of an user in terms of what one is looking for? And try to make your content simple and creative.

Ex- “App Monetization: Be a player rather than a viewer”

8. Collapsible pages: Collapsible navigation keeps your mobile design simple and clean. With collapsible navigation menu items can be tapped to expand more options

9. Know Your Audience: Try to understand your audience and their requirements. It helps to grow your business and in achieving your goal. It may take time for you to understand your core audience, but it helps to create a strong hold in market.

10. Know where to place Ads: Make sure you place your ads in such a way that it does not hinder the user experience, and the aesthetics of your mobile site.

11. Analyze your users: Once your site is live, keep checking your users’ behavior and the amount of time they spend on your site, and accordingly make appropriate changes to your mobile site.


App Expo ’14 – Bangalore

While the Android mobile platform continues to capture the Mobile OS market share globally, developer community takes a large share of credit for this trend.

Indian Android developers have been gradually becoming more and more prominent in the global scene with increasingly innovative apps. Google Developer Group & Blr Droid Group recently organized Android App Expo at Royal Orchid Bangalore to showcase the most innovative apps from Indian developers.

The venue was buzzing with over 200 app developers from all over India gathered for this event and top 18 had been exhibiting their apps. I got an opportunity to get their apps demoed to me. I was stunned after experiencing all these brilliant apps!!

The most impressive apps I discovered there that you may like to try are:

Walkmeup Alarm: Developed by Mohammad from Bazzinga Labs, this app will have you walk a preset number of steps to ensure you wake up timely and yes there isn’t any snooze option here :)
Woome: Simply stated it is the Shazam for everything (except music), to quote its developer. I found the app very promising as it lets the user have the app listen to any TV program and bring up all the relevant content on the web related to it. TV content creators can use this app to connect with audiences in a big way.
AirGol: This app lets you broadcast your live video to a set of people of group via the developers servers. Simple yet executed in an app very well. I remember a similar app donkey’s years back on Symbian platform but with this one such a concept has finally come of age.
Dialapp: A great new replacement “contacts” app based on location aware triggers that show the right contacts at the right time and nothing less!! It also has an in-built search for finding popular places contacts in a snap (This App was one of the winners).
Vocabul Jumble: You talk about apps and how can you miss games. So this was an addictive game showcased at this event. What I liked about the app is its clean interface and fast game sequences. While it is a simple spelling jumbles, it’s a very addictive time killer.

The event also had interesting insights shared by Android Team on better designing tips on Kitkat 4.4, and Android 4.4 new technical possibilities to explore for developers.

Overall this event proved to be good for the developers and the audiences alike with a very clear message, “Expect to see some of the greatest apps from India this year”.

- Sanjay Mohan (Author is a Developer Evangelist with AdIQuity)

 Sanjay Mohan from AdIQuity with Sandeep (CTO,Jiffstore App) while demo





07 Jan 2014

The Mobile Advertising comes of age and Mobile App Developers have eventually caught wind on how much money is really possible by creating great mobile apps. Mobile app developers have started embracing this opportunity but for most of them the question remains same:

How to monetize an app?

However, there is no dearth of great application ideas. The issue lies with Developers by not understanding how to properly optimize their apps for revenues and therefore not being able to retain revenue for ongoing development. So, what’s lacking?

Time and time again when we offer customized mobile app monetization strategies and marketing plans for Mobile App Developers, we realize that they typically wander off the beaten path. Their brilliant app idea doesn’t behave like a cash cow, but their monetization tactics do!!

Frankly, I’ve seen a lot of absurd hype within the Mobile Apps Industry. Just like everything else, there is no free lunch. If the developers think building an awesome app is going to land them a new Lambo or mansion, they’re barely even scratching the surface of what’s possible.

So what is it that needs to be done? How to shoot up app monetization?

One of the suicidal mistakes I’ve noticed is that, mobile app developers price their application(s) incorrectly. Now, if you decide to offer your app at a certain cost then you really need to consider the actual value of your application and whether it is really worth a couple of dollars.

Before setting a price on their apps the developers should ask themselves a few questions:

· What value does the app add?

· What is (are) the USP(s) of the app?

· What are the real benefits of the app?

· What similar apps already exist?

· What are the price points of these apps compared to their own app?

· How many downloads have they already generated?

· Which category does the app falls in?

· How can the app aid people?

· Will people use the app on a regular basis?

Monetization rate varies based on different factors; Geography and Demography are major factors which an app developer needs to take care of. Following are some of the mobile app monetization strategies developers can start putting into practice right now:

1. Pay Per Download – Paid downloads work as users pay up-front to download the app once it’s available in one of the app markets.

2. In-App Advertising – One of the most popular among mobile app developers. In-App Advertising works by allowing ads run on space sold within the app and revenue is based on number of user impressions and/or clicks.

Video Ads: High-quality Video Ads are streamed in-app.

Rich Media Ads: A full landing page is embedded inside an app, with a fixed close button at the top. Advertisers can build rich experiences which are directly embedded in another app.

Full-Page Banner Ads: Ad is displayed as an in-app interstitial to users, with a fixed close button at the top. Advertisers pay on a CPC basis.

Full Screen Ads: We at AdIQuity have recently launched Ads `N` velope. A solution that helps developers earn much more by showing full screen ads pre & post app.

In mobile advertising (like with any other advertising), it is all about delivering relevant and right ads to users. Targeting users based on location and content they are viewing is just considered the essentials. Following this strategy will help increase number of clicks, conversions and gross revenues from the apps.

For In-App Advertising, here are a few key things to remember:

· Text Ads / Text Banners should always get their own dedicated screen within the app

· It should be made sure to “merge” the ad to look like part of the app in terms of original design – It’s less intrusive

· Apply Frequency Caps –Only allow ads to show enough to get attention and not annoy the apps users

So, I hope this post helps app developers monetize their apps to the max.

Do write to me on for more help on app monetization. (Author is a Developer Monetization Evangelist with AdIQuity)

26 Sep 2013

      Steady growth in the app market predicts promising future for the app industry. The market is flooded with apps catering to every possible human need and the growth has been further aggravated due to quick adoption of apps by the consumer. WeChat, a messaging app with more than 400 million registered users worldwide, is one such example proving incremental increase in mobile app traffic.

Commenting on the flourishing app industry Manoj Kumar, CEO, MobiBrick said, “Mobile Apps Industry is characterized by low investment and high output. You just need to have a great idea that works.”  This reason has invariably encouraged developers to venture into the app market and make best use of the window of opportunity. He further added, “On the other hand, there is a consistent increase in mobile internet users. Consumers now prefer apps over wap sites for accessing information. Dependence on apps for daily chores has in return increased mobile internet usage.”

     At present there are around 1 million apps in the US Apple store and according to another report there were more than 60 billion mobile apps downloaded globally in 2012. These stats do not necessarily mean good news for every app developer. A CNN report revealed that one-quarter of downloaded apps get used only once. The thriving app market is suffering from acute problem of inability to capture consumer’s mind and calling for prolonged usage.

     “An individual can use limited number of apps and to be one of the apps in his favourite list the app should be designed around his requirements. A consumer will be convinced to use an app for a longer time period only if it adds some value to him,” Mr. Kumar further added.


     A few suggestions for an Indian app Developer. Mr.Manoj Kumar said, “India has a huge Android user base and thus experimenting with an Android app is a good choice to start with. One can begin by developing gaming apps as they are more popular among Indian audience and have high adoption rate. ”

     Adding on he said, “Geography plays a huge role in deciding the revenue model of the app. Users from USA and European countries readily pay for the apps but Indian users often spend less. In India, paid apps call for excellent interface and features.”

     While the app market has immense potential to grow Mr. Manoj Kumar stressed on delivering quality service to the consumer, “The main objective of an app developer should be to make the end user happy” he concluded.

     Mr. Manoj Kumar was an invited speaker for the ‘Mobile Guru Talk Series’ at AdIQuity. He is the Founder & CEO of MobiBricks and has developed several apps like Hit Eggs, Currency converter, Gallery lock and Puzzles.

     Mobile Guru Talk is a fortnightly program organized by AdIQuity with an objective to enhance knowledge on mobile ecosystem. Partners working with AdIQuity are invited to conduct a session for employees and share their experience about the industry. It is an attempt by AdIQuity to understand its partners better.

     Several independent app developers like Manoj Kumar are in constant lookout for monetizing their apps. AdIQuity, an ad network with global ad source partners has been providing developers with effective solutions to generate revenue and make handsome profit. We at AdIQuity are dedicated to deliver best results for the customers and we share the same belief as our speaker for the occasion that ‘Consumer is the King.’

05 Aug 2013

AdIQuity has always been committed to support the app developer community by providing unmatched monetization offerings. We value our partners and it has been our constant endeavor to give-back to the app developer community and help strengthen the eco-system further.

AdIQuity is proud to announce the setting up of AdIQuity Developer Fund. We have kept aside 1 Million USD from our investment money for the benefit of app developers working with us.

About Adiquity Developer Fund 2013

AdIQuity developer fund 2013 promotes quality app developers by rewarding quality apps with monetization dollars. To participate in the program, App developers are required to use AdIQuity SDK for monetization. Developers can choose from 3 programs depending upon their requirements and get started right away. We have made sure that there is a program to suit the requirements of each and every developer. We invite large, medium or small developers to participate in these programs and extract maximum benefit out of them.

Register for Adiquity Developer Fund 2013 >>

Program 1: Double your revenues

Here’s an opportunity for you to double your monthly revenue. In addition to the revenue that you earn with AdIQuity, you can earn up to 10000 USD additional revenue. You can add as many apps as you want to be eligible for it.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Use AdIQuity SDK for a minimum of 6 months
  • Earn minimum of 1000 USD in a 3 months duration

Best suited for

  • App developers with more than 100,000 downloads from google play or itunes
  • Ideal for games, apps with multiple levels and multiple ad units
  • App developers with monthly revenues of more than 400 USD

How it works

Register for the program. Use AdIQuity SDK in any number of apps and start sharing traffic from them. AdIQuity will monitor your performance during the first 3 months. If you are among the top 10 revenue generating developers in the first 3 month, AdIQuity will match your revenue. For e.g. If you earn 10,000 USD with AdIQuity during the first 3 months, you will receive an additional 10,000 USD. If you are ranked between 10 and 20, you get an additional 50% of your revenues and if your rank is between 20 and 30 you get an additional 25%. If you earn 40,000 USD with AdIQuity in the first 3 months and ranked between 20 and 30, you can still make an additional 10,000 USD.

Program 2: Share Ads ‘N’velope requests and get bonus revenue

This program is best suited for developers who want to get started with ad monetization with minimal effort. Through AdIQuity’s Ads’N’velope offering developers can serve pre and post app ads without any development/code changes. The program is based on the ad requests shared with AdIQuity, and a developer can earn up to 5,000 USD additional revenue.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Use AdIQuity Ads ’N’velope for a minimum of 6 months

Best Suited for

  • App developers whose apps do not have a lot of in-app ad inventory
  • Developers who do not want to serve ads during a session
  • Developers who do not want to modify source code or current SDK

How it works?

Once you register for the program, you can get your apps wrapped using AdIQuity Ads’N’velope and start serving pre and post app ads. AdIQuity will monitor your performance on the network and for every 2 million ad requests shared with AdIQuity through Ads’N’velope during first 3 months, you will receive an additional 100 USD. You can add as many apps as you want in your account and we’ll accumulate total ad requests from all apps for this offer. This is a limited offer and will be available only to the first 120 app developers where you earn up to 5000 USD additional revenue.

Program C: Promote your apps at Zero cost

This program is ideal for developers trying to promote their apps to maximize downloads. You can reach out to prospective users from all across the world by promoting your app for free on AdIQuity network.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Use AdIQuity SDK

Best Suited for

  • Developers looking to increase the downloads
  • Developers with ready to launch apps

How it works

Once you register for the program, you can start sharing traffic through AdIQuity SDK. The moment you start sharing traffic; adiquity will offer serving of 1 million impressions to promote your app at NO COST to you. These 1 millions impressions will be spread over a month and can be targeted to any geography of your choice without any revenue commitment. Thereafter, for every 100 USD the app earns with AdIQuity, the developer gets 100 USD worth advertising dollars up to a maximum of 500 USD per app. This program will be limited to the first 200 apps.

So why wait? Register immediately to benefit from AdIQuity developer fund. Click HERE for registration

How and Where to Register?

You can register HERE for the program. If you do not have an account with AdIQuity, you can sign up here. If you still have doubts with regards to choosing a program, you can get in touch with and we will help you decide the best program for you.