Europe’s largest digital marketing conference Dmexco 2014 held this month at Cologne, Germany. Every year this event is getting bigger and better.This year 30,000+ visitors attended the event along with 800+ exhibitors. The center of attraction of the event was its 470 international speakers, who talked about potential of digital marketing.


Adiquity was there too, and met with major brands and agencies. During the event it was good to see that how brands are taking mobile marketing seriously. In the past few years, brands have learnt how important mobile marketing is and how to make it productive. While meeting brands and agencies, Adiquity found out that most of the European brands have already gone mobile and now looking forward to enhance their mobile marketing strategy. Advertisers believe that engagement rate is pretty high through mobile and it is easy to reach to your potential consumers/customers.

Adiquity is proud to share the expansion of Bangalore office. The new facilities will allow us to amend our capabilities in key areas of growth. This expansion reflects the steady growth of Adiquity in the ad network space.

About Adiquity: -

Adiquity is a mobile ad network, which helps app developers to monetize well and advertisers through real time bidding and campaigns. The platform provides access to 20 billion impressions per month with traffic from 200+ countries and a reach of 160 million unique users.

While developing your app you must’ve had thought and planned about making it popular and driving in hundreds of thousands of downloads. But did it create enough buzz in the app market?

Remember how Flappy Bird gained sudden popularity among users? In January 2014, Flappy Bird was listed under top 10 apps in the US, and by February 2014, Flappy Bird was the number one free game in 53 countries in the App Store. During this period, Flappy Bird’s developer Dong Nguyen claimed to earn $50,000 per day from in-app ads.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was not famous for its simplicity, but for Dong Nguyen’s right strategy. As an app developer you want your app to do as good as Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird, and you can get closer to that by avoiding some mistakes which developers usually make. Here’s a list of the mistakes you can avoid for your next app:

1.    Choosing wrong or multiple platforms

Most of the app developers make a mistake by choosing wrong or multiple platforms for their app. Before you proceed on your idea for an app, you should be clear about the platform. Trends suggest that if you’re planning to launch a free app then you should go for Google’s Play Store, and if you’re planning to launch a paid app then Apple’s App Store would suit you more. Majority of android users don’t like to pay for an app, whereas in iOS paid apps fare better.


Few app developers make grave mistake by launching their app on both the platforms at the same time. If you really want to launch your app on both the platforms then you shouldn’t do it simultaneously, there should be gap of few months the way Instagram launched its Android app much later after the release of its iOS app. In addition, it will save your time and development cost.

2.    Little attention to user experience

User Experience


A recent survey shows that 80% of users would not like to try those apps which don’t work correctly in the first two attempts. So make sure that your app works properly without any function fail. Do check your app (before and after the launch) for crashing, slow load, etc. and try to make the design appealing to the user.

3.    Ignoring app analytics



If you want your app to do great in the market, you must track the activity of your app. Analytics helps you to understand parameters like the average time spent by users on your app, user engagement, retention rate, etc. As a developer you must realize that analytics are valuable insights of your efforts; you don’t want to take it for granted.

4.    No marketing for the app



Nobody would download your app unless they’re aware of its presence. Marketing plays an important role to get maximum download for your app. Try to be active on social media, write a blog about your app, create a teaser video, upload your apk file on multiple app stores (e.g. Google Play Store, Opera, Amazon, etc.), promote it on multiple forums and if possible create a website. Market your app before its launch, as it is an efficient way to create curiosity and get more downloads.

Adiquity’s global platform offers cross-promotion for apps i.e. two developers can promote each other’s app using ad slots in their own app. Adiquity’s precisely targeted campaigns will display your ads only in regions of your choice so that you get quality installs for your app. Once you opt for promoting your apps via Adiquity you will see a ‘Switch to advertiser A/C’ button on your dashboard. To promote your apps, click the button, go to the ‘Funds’ tab, transfer funds, and start managing your campaigns. If you do not see the button on your dashboard, contact

5.    Choosing wrong monetization partner



Choose your monetization partner wisely to monetize well. Before launching of an app, be clear about how to monetize it, whether you want to offer your app as paid app or monetize through ads. Try to learn how your competitors are monetizing their app. Choose an ad network that can provide high fill rates and optimize your ad inventory.


Mobile ad networks play a significant role for app developers when it comes to app monetization. Adiquity is one such platform for mobile advertisement. With Adiquity’s 100+ ad source partners and digital agencies across the globe you get the highest paying ads with the best fill rates. You can integrate with Adiquity using Ads ‘N’velope or Adiquity’s SDKs for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Ads ‘N’velope and our Android SDK are Google Analytics integrated, through which you can measure acquisition, engagement and user outcomes, and get app marketplace stats.


Are you looking to promote or monetize your apps? Send us an email at with the subject “Looking for app monetization/promotion”. We will get back to you at the earliest possible.

The most awaited events Israel Mobile Summit and Droidcon Tel Aviv are about to start from 10th June ‘14 and will continue till 13th June ‘14.

IMS & Droidcon

Israel Mobile summit is the primary mobile event in Israel, which started in the year 2011. It facilitates app developers to understand different parameter of mobile eco-system like – App monetization, mobile innovation, development etc. Israel Mobile Summit features panels for mobile app trend, innovation showcase, keynotes from top speakers, contest and networking.

Droidcon is the largest Android conference in Europe. This event helps app developers to understand android market better. Speakers from the event talk about the latest android advances, they share tips and tricks with the developers, and teach them how to build effective android app.

Now you can also meet with Adiquity on these events. To set up a meeting with Adiquity contact us at support@adiquity.comAdiquity helps you to achieve best not well.


Adiquity had a great participation at the recently held Ad:tech, Delhi. At the event, AdIQuity explained advertisers about its product  Geo Sense and recently launched AdiquityDSP.

Geo Sense enhances advertisers’ targeting options through geo-locale specific targeting. It provides mobile advertisers the ability to reach audiences with geo targeted communication.

AdiquityDSP offers a platform for media buyers to buy the most relevant traffic and achieve the best ROI possible.

Ad:tech is an interactive and technology conference, which gives an opportunity to ad networks, Mobile advertisers and brands to network and explore opportunities together. The presence of enormous brands and advertisers made the event huge.

Undeniably brands understand the potential of mobile marketing, its value and importance. For the last couple of years, brands have started making investments on mobile marketing and they have begun to take it seriously. Every year brands are trying something new to attract more users, and they view mobile marketing as the key to their success in digital marketing.

The Mobile Advertising comes of age and Mobile App Developers have eventually caught wind on how much money is really possible by creating great mobile apps. Mobile app developers have started embracing this opportunity but for most of them the question remains same:

How to monetize an app?

However, there is no dearth of great application ideas. The issue lies with Developers by not understanding how to properly optimize their apps for revenues and therefore not being able to retain revenue for ongoing development. So, what’s lacking?

Time and time again when we offer customized mobile app monetization strategies and marketing plans for Mobile App Developers, we realize that they typically wander off the beaten path. Their brilliant app idea doesn’t behave like a cash cow, but their monetization tactics do!!

Frankly, I’ve seen a lot of absurd hype within the Mobile Apps Industry. Just like everything else, there is no free lunch. If the developers think building an awesome app is going to land them a new Lambo or mansion, they’re barely even scratching the surface of what’s possible.

So what is it that needs to be done? How to shoot up app monetization?

One of the suicidal mistakes I’ve noticed is that, mobile app developers price their application(s) incorrect. Now, if you decide to offer your app at a certain cost then you really need to consider the actual value of your application and whether it is really worth a couple of dollars.

Before setting a price on their apps the developers should ask themselves a few questions:

·         What value does the app add?

·         What is (are) the USP(s) of the app?

·         What are the real benefits of the app?

·         What similar apps already exist?

·         What are the price points of these apps compared to their own app?

·         How many downloads have they already generated?

·         Which category does the app falls in?

·         How can the app aid people?

·         Will people use the app on a regular basis?

Monetization rate varies based on different factors; Geography  and Demography are major factors which an app developer needs to take care of. Following are some of the mobile app monetization strategies developers can start putting into practice right now:

1. Pay Per Download – Paid downloads work as users pay up-front to download the app once it’s available in one of the app markets.

2. In-App Advertising – One of the most popular among mobile app developers. In-App Advertising works by allowing ads run on space sold within the app and revenue is based on number of user impressions and/or clicks.

Video Ads: High-quality Video Ads are streamed in-app.

Rich Media Ads: A full landing page is embedded inside an app, with a fixed close button at the top. Advertisers can build rich experiences which are directly embedded in another app.

Full-Page Banner Ads: Ad is displayed as an in-app interstitial to users, with a fixed close button at the top. Advertisers pay on a CPC basis.

Full Screen Ads: We at AdIQuity have recently launched Ads `N` velope. A solution that helps developers earn much more by showing full screen ads pre & post app.

In mobile advertising (like with any other advertising), it is all about delivering relevant and right ads to users. Targeting users based on location and content they are viewing is just considered the essentials. Following this strategy will help increase number of clicks, conversions and gross revenues from the apps.

For In-App Advertising, here are a few key things to remember:

·         Text Ads / Text Banners should always get their own dedicated screen within the app

·         It should be made sure to “merge” the ad to look like part of the app in terms of original design – It’s less intrusive

·         Apply Frequency Caps –Only allow ads to show enough to get attention and not annoy the apps users

So, I hope this post helps app developers monetize their apps to the max.

Do write to me on for more help on  app monetization. (Author is a Developer Monetization Evangelist with AdIQuity)

Have you ever imagined how Narendra Modi ji would look in Armani shoes and fancy shades?

Game – developer Zatun has made an app ‘Modi – fied’, in which you can try different looks on Mr. Modi. It’s a new stylish dress up game, and probably India’s first dress-up game which considers an icon in politics. So far you’ve seen Narendra Modi in desi (National) avatar, and with “Modi – fied” you can see him in videshi (International) avatar as well. This game is compatible with all major android phones. After its launch, 500 people tried and enjoyed the casual game (Game was launched on 23 December ‘13).

There are hundreds of different dressing combinations available. Compare to other similar games, this one is India’s first dress up game which is featuring an Indian political figure. Controls of game are quite simple and easy. It allows user to save picture, and can use it as a mobile wallpaper. This game is quite entertaining and it’s fun to play. This game has already become popular among all age group, and users have enjoyed it.

In one of the press release Abhinav Chokhavatia (CEO – Zatun) quoted; “We wanted to have a dress-up game with Narendra Modi, as the main character and give the players a chance to style him as per their wish. We researched different pictures of Narendra Modi in various poses and attires. We selected the ones that suited the most and gave the game a stylised caricature style, instead of a realistic style to make it more fun and appealing”.

Try it out today from here

Around 51 million people from urban India are having Smartphone, and almost 50% people belong from category 18-25. It has been found that mobile internet access in India increases at the time of festivals (like Dussera, Diwali and Christmas), and reduces towards the end of financial year and during exams (for Colleges and schools). Most of the time spent by people is on mobile internet for booking, gaming, downloading, news update, and for listening to music.

Know more about the mobile market from Anurag Dod (CEO & Founder of AdIQuity) and meet him personally on 26th November at Mobile Internet Conference 2013 conducted by IAMAI at Shangri-La’a Eros Hotel, New Delhi . He will also be casting a light over opportunities in the emerging market of mobile internet in India.


                                                                         “Ability is of little account without opportunity.”

                                                       - Napoleon

“App developer must understand the parameters of mobile advertising to monetize well”

                                                                                                                                    – Amarnath Bhandari (Product Manager at AdIQuity) at Nitrodroid ’13

Nitrodroid is an App Developer Conference held in Goa on Oct 26th this year. At the second season of Goa’s largest app conference, Amarnath exposed the benefits of Mobile Advertisement and he also helped app developers with their app monetization queries. Nitrodroid is a platform where app developers can directly interact with the speakers and can elucidate their doubts. The event had a large presence of app developers who made this event heavenly.

In India, the number of smartphone users have increased by 70%, whereas, tablet users have grown by 173%. Off-late, India is considered a mobile dominating nation. This emerging market has given an opportunity and a platform to app developers to monetize profitably. It is breathtaking to note the way Indian mobile market has changed (since 2009) for app developers. The Indian mobile market is considered a newbie, and yet, it gives an extensive opportunity for app developers to monetize well.

Mr. Bhandari covered the parameter of Mobile ads adoption process. He said, “There are many apps which are good but still they’re lacking to attract users, it is necessary for any app developer to create an objective, its purpose to serve and more importantly… understand ads.”

In conference, Mr. Bhandari spoke about company’s background and its influence. He spoke about company’s global traffic and global presence. He also spoke about the company’s product and its benefit to app developers. At the end of the session he quoted, “To monetize well, it is utterly important to keep users engaged with the right ad.”

To help you understand better, we have uploaded the presentation used at the event on SlideShare. Have a look.

To watch Amar Bhandari’s presentation exclusive, click here.


Sanjay Dubey (Sr. Business Development Manager) at OSI conference ‘13

While addressing app developers at Open Source India (Nimhans Convention Centre, Bengaluru) on 11th November ’13, Mr. Sanjay Mohan Dubey (Sr. Business Development Manager, AdIQuity Mobile) quoted - ”The essence is being innovative with your app idea and design and finding the right monetization partner for a developer who wants to make good money”

It was an evening of Open Source conference, where lot of app developers were present to understand the different aspect of mobile ad networks and its benefits. Open source is the Asia’s largest conference which gives opportunity to ad networks and app developers for an interactive session.

While representing AdIquity, Mr.Dubey spoke about app monetization at OSI. In the presence of enormous app developers (who were looking for various methods of app monetization) Mr.Dubey covered parameters like SEO, SEM & SMM. With the growing market of mobile advertisements there is a wider scope for new as well as existing app developers to maximise their revenue. From last couple of years the way mobile market has grown in India, it has marked a new market for app developers.

As per the MMA report, last year Indian mobile ad market was Rs. 180 crore, whereas this year it has reached Rs. 300 crore (USD 45 million).

“Mobile advertising in India is expected to grow 43% by next year, which is nearly Rs. 430 crore.”

Mr. Rohit Dadwal (MMA Managing Director, Asia Pacific)

After seeing the response of app developers Mr. Dubey said -“It was nice speaking to a vibrant mobile developer audience and it was astonishing to see response of app developers about app monetization. I have no doubt that in upcoming years Indian developers will come up with a lot of blockbuster apps”.