AdIQuity’s client airline increased its customer engagement by 25% using GeoSense

"AdIQuity’s GeoSense has reduced our costs in reaching the right audience for our offerings and reducing wastage. The campaigns were geo-targeted resulting in an increase in our ROIs."

- Manager of Operations, Airline client


AdIQuity’s geo-targeting enabled its client telecom company to achieve a $0.22 eCPM and 15% higher CTR

"AdIQuity has precisely geo-targeted the cities and states of our interest for a new offering. It was a successful campaign with minimal spillage."

- CEO, Telecom client


A major Indian car rental company could drive-in more customers using AdIQuity’s GeoSense

"AdIQuity has helped us gain a good number of customers with its geo-targeting. GeoSense enabled us to target the audience of our choice with great accuracy."

- CEO, Car rental client

Video Ads

AdIQuity generates high number of test drives for new SUV car through Video Ads

"Using AdIQuity’s Video Ads we could not only raise awareness about the launch of our new car, but could also see a great number of enrollment for test drives."

- A multinational automotive manufacturer


AdIQuity helped online apparel dealer achieve 5x ROI with increased CTR and $1.96 CPA

-   The online apparel dealer wanted to promote its summer collections, and build brand familiarity and loyalty

-   The campaigns resulted in CTR going up from 0.05% to 0.11%


Major online retailer achieved 0.59% CTR and $1.58 CPA using AdIQuity’s retargeting

-   The online retailer was looking for higher conversions, and increasing its brand awareness and loyalty among its global customers

-   The optimization resulted in increased conversions within a couple of weeks