Ads 'N'velope

Save My Pet, ViMAP’s gaming app increases its eCPMs by 400% within a week using Ads ‘N’velope

"While I have been working with multiple Adnets, AdIQuity's results have been great especially with their AdsNvelope SDK since it keeps my user experience untouched while fetching much higher eCPMs."

- Vijay Kumar, Founder & CEO, ViMAP


AdIQuity increased an entertainment site’s overall traffic by 20% by developing Android app for the client

"I was really impressed seeing how easily AppNow converted my WAP site into App. There was no change in our code or infrastructure. Our technical maintenance costs remained the same. I now get additional loyal users who visit my App frequently."

- Owner, Client entertainment site

Success Story

AdIQuity’s success story with 4shared - a global hosting and file sharing platform with 11million daily hits

"Having tons of mobile traffic and being interested in the maximum monetization possible, we had examined on practice pretty much all leading mobile networks and agencies. We have left active few best players and AdIQuity is one of them."

- Maria Stoieva, Head of Mobile Division, 4shared