Partner with AdIQuity to gain access to premium mobile inventory

Benefits for DSPs and Third-party Ad Partners

Mobile RTB ExchangeAccess to global premium ad inventory

- Advertisers and media buyers can gain access to premium ad inventory from publishers and app developers across the globe

Mobile RTB ExchangeImproved ROI and transparency for buyers

- Get control on your ad spending, and bid based on targeting parameters on the exchange

Mobile RTB ExchangeEasy integration and scalability with partners

- AdIQuity RTB Exchange is built on industry standard Open RTB protocol, which means demand partners can easily integrate and scale up

Mobile RTB ExchangeAbundant Targeting Options

- Rich targeting for reduced ad spend wastage
- Targeting based on - Geography, Carrier, Platform, Handset, Demographic, Time, Popular Channels, etc.

Mobile RTB ExchangeTransparent         Reporting

- Intuitive stats representation and advertiser dashboard for standard metrics
- Monitor your campaign performance across platforms, carriers and geography in near real-time

Mobile RTB ExchangeHigh Technical         Efficiency

- No integration efforts required; AdIQuity will handle all server-to-server integration and testing
- Filters to identify and discard malicious/auto generated impressions

Demand Partner Solutions

RTB Exchange

Boost ROI with access to right audience; global premium ad inventory in real-time

Rich Media

Boost user engagement by leveraging ad serving capabilities for interactive digital media

Video Ads

Rich user experience and high user engagement with user behaviour tracking