Monetize your apps using the Quick and Easy Adiquity Ads ‘N’velope

09 Oct 2013

Congratulations on your new Android app!!

It must be a result of a lot of passion and hard work. Like they say you must be “On cloud nine”, but, it’s a feeling which is much more than that. Very soon, you will begin to look for ways to promote your app and get more users to use your app.

You will immediately thereafter think about making monies from your apps. Adiquity is here to help you monetize your mobile apps from the proven business model that is Advertisements. Ads have been accepted by consumers of digital and non-digital content. Google, Facebook and Twitter are some of the successful organizations on digital that went on to make revenue once they adopted advertisements as part of their business strategy to generate revenue.

Advertisements have evolved in to a billion dollar industry with its own eco-system and stakeholders. For any industry to become successful the way advertising industry has become requires every stakeholder to be equally satisfied. The objectives of the different stakeholders should be met. Looking at the evolution of ads on whether online or mobile content, it has gone through a transition; from being advertiser focused to being able to accommodate and satisfy every stakeholders needs. One of the biggest key stakeholders in this eco-system are app developers like you who are putting in hours of effort to generate valuable tools that satisfy different needs of mankind.

Adiquity is at the centre of this eco-system trying to grow the advertising industry and make things fruitful for the different stakeholders. In our earnest attempt at helping you be a part of this eco-system is a product that is designed to reduce your efforts in every way. If you thought Google developed Android and kept it simple to develop an app, so, did we in helping you monetize those Android apps using advertisements.

We bring to you Adiquity Ads ‘N’velope, our simple and easy sdk integration mechanism to get started with ads in a few moments. If you have a login to the Adiquity platform. You will only have to register your app,

  • Download our Ads ‘N’velope,
  • Provide license details about your app and
  • Run the code compilation command again.

Voila!!! You have begun your ad monetization with ads that are not meant to be intrusive and increase user engagement. If you have gone through the pains of integrating an sdk earlier and had trouble selecting the kind of ads that needed to be shown and the various other things that you thought were stressful, then, don’t bother worrying about them with Ads ‘N’velope.

It’s a result of our many hours of research on the best ads that can show to improve YOUR users experience and in parallel help you generate those monies which are a result of your app development. If you have some experience in measuring the success of ads on your apps, then, the metrics remain the same. An estimated increase of 5 times in your CTR’s when compared to ads shown inside the apps.

With Ads ‘N’velope, we show

  1. pre-app ads – before your app is loading
  2. post-app ads – when your app is exiting

What’s best is that when the user is launching your app, he doesn’t get to notice that your app is loading in the background because he is busy and engaged with ads. The user is given the option to skip or close the ad after your app is loaded. Same holds true when the app is exiting. If user experience intrusion was a reason for not showing ads on your apps, well, we have solved it for you.

The integrity of your compiled app remains the same. You don’t modify any piece of code. It’s like adding a final cherry on to the cake that you have carefully prepared.

Visit our wiki page to know the contents of the Ads ‘N’velope and the licensing details that you need to provide.

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