App Expo ’14 – Bangalore

While the Android mobile platform continues to capture the Mobile OS market share globally, developer community takes a large share of credit for this trend.

Indian Android developers have been gradually becoming more and more prominent in the global scene with increasingly innovative apps. Google Developer Group & Blr Droid Group recently organized Android App Expo at Royal Orchid Bangalore to showcase the most innovative apps from Indian developers.

The venue was buzzing with over 200 app developers from all over India gathered for this event and top 18 had been exhibiting their apps. I got an opportunity to get their apps demoed to me. I was stunned after experiencing all these brilliant apps!!

The most impressive apps I discovered there that you may like to try are:

Walkmeup Alarm: Developed by Mohammad from Bazzinga Labs, this app will have you walk a preset number of steps to ensure you wake up timely and yes there isn’t any snooze option here :)
Woome: Simply stated it is the Shazam for everything (except music), to quote its developer. I found the app very promising as it lets the user have the app listen to any TV program and bring up all the relevant content on the web related to it. TV content creators can use this app to connect with audiences in a big way.
AirGol: This app lets you broadcast your live video to a set of people of group via the developers servers. Simple yet executed in an app very well. I remember a similar app donkey’s years back on Symbian platform but with this one such a concept has finally come of age.
Dialapp: A great new replacement “contacts” app based on location aware triggers that show the right contacts at the right time and nothing less!! It also has an in-built search for finding popular places contacts in a snap (This App was one of the winners).
Vocabul Jumble: You talk about apps and how can you miss games. So this was an addictive game showcased at this event. What I liked about the app is its clean interface and fast game sequences. While it is a simple spelling jumbles, it’s a very addictive time killer.

The event also had interesting insights shared by Android Team on better designing tips on Kitkat 4.4, and Android 4.4 new technical possibilities to explore for developers.

Overall this event proved to be good for the developers and the audiences alike with a very clear message, “Expect to see some of the greatest apps from India this year”.

- Sanjay Mohan (Author is a Developer Evangelist with AdIQuity)

 Sanjay Mohan from AdIQuity with Sandeep (CTO,Jiffstore App) while demo