There has been a steady decline in mobile web over last few years and apps are now ruling the mobile space. Stats from Flurry suggest that in 2014, mobile users spent 86% of their mobile using time on apps, up from 80% in 2013. Publishers also value app users more than web users, and ‘Download App’ ads are plentiful on mobile sites. Mobile users find it more convenient to use apps than mobile web and the traffic to the WAP sites has been reducing.

Recent trends show popularity of apps among mobile users, and hence it is logical for WAP site owners to ride the prevailing trends. Leading publishers across industries have developed their apps. It’s time you also have an app for your mobile web contents.


Building your own app for mobile web content is often not feasible because of technical resource constraints. Publishers, especially small and medium sized, find it difficult to switch to app from mobile web. Adiquity has the perfect solution for this – convert your mobile site to an app directly, using AppNow.


Why AppNow?

AppNow is a solution to convert your WAP site into an Android app instantly. With AppNow you can have an app (converted from your mobile site) ready for your users, without any cost or effort. With your app you can drive in additional traffic to your web content and enjoy higher revenue. The app comes with pre-monetized bundle of AdIQuity ads that will help generate higher returns for no additional effort.

The app would provide convenient access to your content and could be easily distributed through your mobile site, and changes made to the site directly reflect on the app without the need for updating the app on Play Store. Adiquity also provides additional support for promoting the app.


“AppNow will allow mobile site content to be available on Android app without any effort or cost. It is a great opportunity for mobile site publishers to attract new users and broaden their overall user base. The highlight being that one can generate additional revenue with the app without investing resources.”

-  Anurag Dod, CEO, AdIQuity


Steps to use AppNow?

Let us now see how you can use AppNow.

Step 1: Once you have signed-up with Adiquity and registered your mobile site(s), you can see the site(s) listed under the ‘Mobile Sites/Apps’ tab. You will see an ‘AppNow’ button next to your registered mobile site’s entry. Click on the ‘AppNow’ button.



Step 2: You need to fill up the details required in this page to start creating an Android app for your mobile site. Here you can choose whether to display pre-app ads in your app, and authorize URL modifier for every web page request. You need to enter the package name in the format ‘com.<appname>.adiquity’ and upload a logo for your app. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.




Step 3: Congratulations! The Android app for your mobile site has been successfully created. You can download your Android app from the link provided on the screen and upload it to Google Play Store and other Android app stores.




That’s all! With these simple steps you will start generating app traffic and higher revenue, and building a wider user base.


“We were really impressed seeing how easily AppNow converted our mobile site into app. There was no change in our code or infrastructure. Our technical maintenance costs remained the same. We now get additional loyal users who visit the app frequently.”

                 - A client entertainment site of AdIQuity


Want to know more about AppNow? Interested in knowing about publishers who have benefitted from AppNow?

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