Mobile deep linking is equivalent to specific URLs on the internet for the mobile apps via URIs (uniform resource identifiers). Just imagine directly opening friends’ profile page on your Android app for FB or opening a product page on Amazon app. As most of our important online activities are getting appified the proliferation of mobile deep linking is quite natural.


Deep Link


For mobile marketers, it offers a lot of opportunities by the way of ability to directly reach the relevant app on your mobile to promote their subject. Of course some part of the monetary benefits boomerang to the app developers as well!

Example URIs (Mobile Deep Links) for some of the top apps looks like: eBay://launch?itm & twitter://

There are currently some complexities involved for the implementation of mobile deep links. However, there is a mobile industry body standardizing its use across mobile operating systems like Android and iOS; it’s called

Not convinced? Okay, take look at these real compelling use cases:

Gaming App Promotions

You are promoting the sustenance of your game and a good strategy could be to promote the mobile deep link in social media which redirects to the next game level in the app. This will ensure that user remain engaged with your game.

E-commerce Promotions

As an e-commerce entrepreneur it’s important to drive your potential customers directly to the brink of buying from your mobile shopping app and this could be done using retargeting and then providing mobile deep links in your display ads that directly open the product features page from the app.

Utility apps

Suppose you have a currency conversion app that your are promoting, you can embed the mobile deep link to any currency figures on the business websites, clicking on which directly opens up the currency arbitration on the app.

Some of the existing standards and tools that could be used by interested developers are:





  • URX

App developers can use these tools for faster user acquisition and their audience engagement.


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