Have you ever imagined how Narendra Modi ji would look in Armani shoes and fancy shades?

Game – developer Zatun has made an app ‘Modi – fied’, in which you can try different looks on Mr. Modi. It’s a new stylish dress up game, and probably India’s first dress-up game which considers an icon in politics. So far you’ve seen Narendra Modi in desi (National) avatar, and with “Modi – fied” you can see him in videshi (International) avatar as well. This game is compatible with all major android phones. After its launch, 500 people tried and enjoyed the casual game (Game was launched on 23 December ‘13).

There are hundreds of different dressing combinations available. Compare to other similar games, this one is India’s first dress up game which is featuring an Indian political figure. Controls of game are quite simple and easy. It allows user to save picture, and can use it as a mobile wallpaper. This game is quite entertaining and it’s fun to play. This game has already become popular among all age group, and users have enjoyed it.

In one of the press release Abhinav Chokhavatia (CEO – Zatun) quoted; “We wanted to have a dress-up game with Narendra Modi, as the main character and give the players a chance to style him as per their wish. We researched different pictures of Narendra Modi in various poses and attires. We selected the ones that suited the most and gave the game a stylised caricature style, instead of a realistic style to make it more fun and appealing”.

Try it out today from here