With great effort and dedication you have developed your own app. Kudos!

What next? How do you get people to use your app? Despite being a brilliant app it’s a challenge for your app to stand out. Building an app out of your idea, and getting it noticed are two completely different things altogether. There’s urgency for your app to get discovered among the hundreds of other apps releasing everyday on App Store and Google Play.

Keeping social media and word-of-mouth aside, most of the app developers find themselves talking to an ad network for promoting their apps. Although promoting your apps through social media or word-of-mouth is almost free, the value of the user (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User or ARPDAU) fetched through mobile ads is higher. Adiquity is a specialist app promotion ad network which can drive greater number of high quality installs and grow your user base.




Why promote your apps with Adiquity?

Adiquity’s precisely targeted campaigns will display your ads only in regions of your choice so that you get quality installs for your app. Our algorithms are fine tuned to take your app to users who are highly likely to use them.

Following Apple’s rejection for incentivized app downloads Adiquity uses several other approaches to drive app downloads. So, your iOS apps are out of the danger of rejection at the App Store.

We display ads in all available formats – banner ads, video ads, interstitial ads, and rich media ads to grab user attention and prompt them to install your app. You can also track your app downloads and measure the results accurately.


How does the promotion works?

Promoting your app with Adiquity is pretty simple. Create your own ad, select your target audience, and enjoy greater app installs.

- Create your own ad: You can create an ad for the app you want to promote, using some drop-down options.

- Choose targeting: Choose where you want your ad to be shown – target specific country and platform.

- Your ad gets displayed to users: Your ad will be shown to users on other relevant apps.

- You get higher app installs: The users will be prompted to install your app while they are using some other related app. Users click on your ads and you can enjoy higher app installs.


With Adiquity’s 15000+ active partner sites and apps, and advanced targeting you are assured of fetching greater app installs.


Adiquity Cross-Promotion for apps

Adiquity’s global platform also offers cross-promotion for apps: two developers can promote each other’s app using ad slots in their own app. Both the apps can make use of each other’s user base for generating more installs. For more information, Send us an email at debajyoti@adiquity.com with the subject “App Cross Promotion”. We will match your app with a related partner app for cross-promotion.


Are you looking to promote your app? Send us an email at debajyoti@adiquity.com with the subject “Looking for app promotion”. We will get back to you at the earliest possible.

App Monetization and Promotion

If you are already working with us for monetizing your app, we have a couple of offers for your app promotion. We can provide you free ad impressions* or discounts as part of these offers. For more information, Send us an email at debajyoti@adiquity.com with the subject “App Promotion Offers”

* Free ad impressions are based on the app traffic shared with us and subject to conditions.