mobileEmpirical evidence suggests that a normal person forgets more than 80% of his last normal day!! Developers at Dexetra made a big deal of it, created an Android app that actually builds an archive of your daily activity on your device and based on the cues your usage pattern evince, this app also suggests what to do. Binil, one of the founders of Dexetra elaborates, “Friday has an artificial intelligence engine that is able to suggest things to do that you may tend to forget”.

If downloads at Google Playstore could be a measure of popularity, Friday app with over 500k downloads is surely getting there. Popularity of such innovative apps are a good indicator of mobile app users’ fast growing trust on technology to solve their daily problems.

You too can download Friday app and connect it with your Facebook, Google , Twitter accounts and experience the magic unfold with your phone suggesting you surprising things! Do share your Friday app experience with us.

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