With the surge in use of mobile devices in India the usage of mobile apps is also booming. 90% of smartphone users in India use apps, i.e. 158 million users; and 77 % of these have up to 30 apps on their smartphone. The Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) has declared that the Indian mobile app market is worth $150 million now and is expected to grow exponentially to $626.23 million by end of 2016. This would mean a quadruple rise in the app market in next two years.

But the app market is not just promising, it has much competition within. Indie app developers, first-time developers and developers having a few apps often ponder on the fact that which kind of app would be easy to build, in less time, and with low resource requirement. Which is the most favourable app category for app developers?


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A survey from Nielsen shows that Gaming, Social Networking, and Entertainment (videos, movies, and music) are the three top app categories that people use on a regular basis. Out of these categories Gaming and Social Networking space have major chunk of users using only a few popular apps. For example, social networking space is dominated by a few apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Similar scenario could be seen in gaming space where people are addicted and loyal to a few games only. In addition, it is complex and time taking to build apps in these two categories. This brings us to the next most popular category of apps, Entertainment apps. This category of apps is not dominated by handful of players, and it is relatively simple to make an Entertainment app.


Another study conducted by Flurry on the year-on-year growth of app usage in different categories reveals that Messaging & Social is the top category where app usage is growing i.e. 203% growth. This is followed by Utilities & Productivity (149% growth), and Media & Entertainment (77% growth) categories. Keeping in mind both the popularity of category and growth in usage year-on-year, it won’t be wrong to conclude that Entertainment apps are the most favourable category for developers to build an app in.

The app usage is highest in the age group of 18-24. If app developers build apps that would appeal to this age group, it could be very much beneficial for them.


The new infographic from AdIQuity helps us decode the most favourable category to build apps in India. The infographic depicts the following:

-  Indian app market overview

-  Identifying the top app categories in terms of usage and growth

-  Find the most favourable app category for app developers to build an app in India

-  Understanding user behaviours in the most favourable app category

-  Glimpse of top easy to build apps in the most favourable app category

View the presentation here.


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