“App developer must understand the parameters of mobile advertising to monetize well”

                                                                                                                                    – Amarnath Bhandari (Product Manager at AdIQuity) at Nitrodroid ’13

Nitrodroid is an App Developer Conference held in Goa on Oct 26th this year. At the second season of Goa’s largest app conference, Amarnath exposed the benefits of Mobile Advertisement and he also helped app developers with their app monetization queries. Nitrodroid is a platform where app developers can directly interact with the speakers and can elucidate their doubts. The event had a large presence of app developers who made this event heavenly.

In India, the number of smartphone users have increased by 70%, whereas, tablet users have grown by 173%. Off-late, India is considered a mobile dominating nation. This emerging market has given an opportunity and a platform to app developers to monetize profitably. It is breathtaking to note the way Indian mobile market has changed (since 2009) for app developers. The Indian mobile market is considered a newbie, and yet, it gives an extensive opportunity for app developers to monetize well.

Mr. Bhandari covered the parameter of Mobile ads adoption process. He said, “There are many apps which are good but still they’re lacking to attract users, it is necessary for any app developer to create an objective, its purpose to serve and more importantly… understand ads.”

In conference, Mr. Bhandari spoke about company’s background and its influence. He spoke about company’s global traffic and global presence. He also spoke about the company’s product and its benefit to app developers. At the end of the session he quoted, “To monetize well, it is utterly important to keep users engaged with the right ad.”

To help you understand better, we have uploaded the presentation used at the event on SlideShare. Have a look.

To watch Amar Bhandari’s presentation exclusive, click here.