App monetization is always a concern for any app developer. In simple words App monetization is not only about earning revenues but also retaining users.

“Civilization and profit go hand in hand.”

                                                                - Calvin Coolidge

As per a website source the total mobile applications market in the world has reached $25 billion in 2013 with 31 billion downloads. India alone has 1.56 billion downloads. You have to be a part of this.

And of this 90% of the downloaded apps are free. If you are wondering on the monetary reward, you have to attend a presentation by Mr. Sanjay Mohan (Developer Evangelist, AdIQuity Mobile) at Open Source India (Nimhans Convention Centre, Bengaluru) on 11th November ’13 on app monetization.

Sanjay will talk to you on how you can make monies with your apps. The different ways of monetization, app promotions and of course all in technical terms.

We want to grow along with our customers and our customers grow when they monetize BETTER.